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About Us


Welcome to Rosa Belle's! As cousins and next door neighbors, we basically grew up as sisters. When we were kids, we shared a love of beauty (applying makeup with far too fearless use of color), fashion (dressing up in leotards adorned with multicolored sequins), and glamour shots (looking back they were anything but "glamorous"). We still love all things beauty and fashion, although now we know that more is not always better when blush is concerned and spandex is not the most...umm...forgiving material. 
So, in 2017, we set out to launch a boutique featuring apparel and gifts for modern women and children. Rosa Belle’s is named for our grandmother, Rosa Belle “Pie” Ware. While neither of us ever had the pleasure of knowing her, we have been blessed with pictures and stories about her life that have been passed down by her husband and our grandfather, "Pap." A very fashionable and progressive woman, it seemed only fitting that we name our venture after her. We hope each of you will join us on our new journey as we work to bring you unique and stylish items both in our store and on our website!

 -Molly & Ramsey